Personal Data Policy

Fischer International is handling your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the law.

We make sure we always comply with the applicable law for handling of personal data.

We treat only the necessary data required for us to fulfil our tasks, including meeting our social responsibility.

As a private person, you are entitled to know what data we have about you. This information can be acquired by sending us an email requesting insight into this information. You will then be sent the personal information we hold about you, in a word document, within reasonable time. You are free to forward this document to other recipients.

If we have incorrect or inaccurate information about you, you may require them to be corrected or deleted by sending a request to the above-mentioned mail. We strive to comply with your wishes and to only store information that is current and accurate.

If you believe that our information about you is incomplete, you are entitled to have this corrected by providing us with a supplementary document completing your personal information.

You are entitled, at any time, to object to our processing of your personal data by emailing We will accommodate your opposition unless we can demonstrate important legitimate reasons for continued handling of your data or if the data is necessary for a legal claim to be established, enforced or defended.

If you disagree with our decision to delete or how we handle your data, or you do not believe we are handling your data according to the law, please feel free to email us. We respect your rights and all complaints about our handling of personal data will be taken seriously and assessed individually by our personal data officers, who will return to you with the final assessment as soon as possible. If still disagree with our handling of your personal data, you have the rights to appeal to the Danish Data Protection Agency at